Environmental Policy Statement

R E Quinn Architects Limited is fully committed to minimising the impact of its business on the environment complying with all current legislation and regulation together with any other environmental requirements in respect of ISO14001:2004 by actively enhancing on, and improving, the environment and the health and well being of the community.  Where possible we will integrate environmental considerations into our business decisions and adopt greener alternatives wherever possible, throughout the course of our business. 

These objectives are achieved by reducing the negative effect on the environment through the application of this policy by identifying potential environmental risks and managing these through the selection and specification of materials and systems which ensure that environmental performance targets are achieved, and where possible improved on.

We promote environmental awareness in our involvement with clients, consultants and contractors in the implementation of our objectives.

Within the Company, conservation measures have been put in place in with statements on preventing environmental pollution on the following matters:-


  • The reduction of energy consumption by the application of conservation measures in the design and construction of the building fabric is achieved by adopting high insulation standards together with energy control devices in appliances.
  • R E Quinn Architects Limited policy is applied within the business with the use of energy saving devices and procedures, including ensuring that electrical goods not in use are switched off and low energy light bulbs are used.


  • Conservation of water is achieved in the design of buildings with the introduction of devices, which limit the capacity of cisterns.


  • Conservation of forests is achieved by minimising the use of hard or soft woods from virgin forests areas by specification of alternative materials where possible in the design and construction of buildings.


  • Economic use of paper within the practice is achieved by re-cycling waste paper and the use of re-cycled paper products.

Waste Management Regulations

  • As part of our ongoing commitment to an Environmental Policy, the Company has embraced the requirements of the Site Waste and Management Regulations by ensuring that tender and contract documents include an obligation for building contractors to comply with the requirements of the legislation.

R E Quinn Architects actively remotes recycling within the Company by bettering targets for waste recycling set by Banbridge District Council.  Banbridge District Council’s benchmark for recycling the last quarter was 75%, and this was far exceeded by R E Quinn Architects who recycled 86% of all office waste.  Members of staff have a clear understanding of waste management within the Company.

To ensure that this policy is understood and communicated within the Company, R E Quinn Architects Limited Senior Management ensure that all members of staff are kept up to date on current legislation and the principles of Sustainable Building Design through attendance at RIBA accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Seminars and other Environmental Impact Awareness Seminars.