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Every project is full of many elements, phases, goals and interests. REQA aim for attention to detail in every task and phase during the process. Our method uses recycled information gathered from decades worth of combined team experience. We regularly refine this process to ensure we consistently add value.
Our design approach begins with a deep understanding of the users’ needs, that then is translated into spaces and spatial relations. In every phase, our intention is to motivate the client, to inspire and enhance their vision. We structure our approach with the client at the centre.
REQA’s completed schemes are a considered expression of the context fused with an understanding of appropriate scale and materials. This method can be used in all project typologies.
Context photo from Newcastle Centre on Main Street | REQA Architect Design | New build hostel and leisure building | Saint Vincent de Paul Clare Lodge Newcastle County Down

A new mixed use urban development focusing on accommodation by the promenade in Newcastle.


It all starts with a conversation. REQA first task is to help clients articulate their brief. Through meaningful dialogue, we can fully understand what is design critical, paramount for the project.
This is a great place to start. We develop designs that are flexible and offer avenues for change, without deviating from the original concept. Our preference is to facilitate design review sessions. We can unpack the proposal, engage with a client as well as review the restrictive conditions - budget, time, etc. REQA work to ensure our clients understand the consequence of design choices. 
Consistent client interaction forms the basis of a stable project and functional architecture.


Good architecture responds to the surrounding for which it is intended. Adaption and integration into the site is a valuable exercise to complete. Our contextual research provides an understanding of site conditions and knowledge of the local territory. The analysis helps shape a project narrative and provides a direction to take. REQA use this as the platform to develop the design through various techniques - mood boarding, sketch design, form and massing mock-ups. 
Our first instinct on every commission is to seek opportunities for innovation. Potential solutions will always be reasoned; experience has shown innovation is best balanced with pragmatism. This ensures decisions and our proposals will add value and are achievable for our clients.
Foodbank - Potential Movement Map | REQA Concept Design Study Project | community social enterprise urban feasibility | Belfast
Site plan development diagram | REQA Architect Concept Design | Code 5 multi-residential urban development | Carryduff Belfast


REQA champion various methods of visual communication to describe the projects’ architecture. Depending on the project typology, client or audience, we can present a design using sketches, 3D models, digital mock-ups and rendered visuals. We explore different methods essential to explain the thought process and allow clients to explore what is possible. 
We are actively looking forward and research the latest computer software to open up new possibilities for our clients and team. 
Foodbank - Cafe Test Render | REQA Concept Design Study Project | community social enterprise urban feasibility | Belfast

Visual produced to illustrate design proposals.


We don’t believe in hierarchy, everyone on our team is invited to contribute their thoughts to assist in design development. REQA rely on internal and external collaborators to bring their specialist expertise to a project. 
The scheme will always benefit from a trusted team with a robust skillset. Our goal is to harness the experience and knowledge and encourage all project partners to achieve the best results. 
Foodbank - Cross-laminated timber CLT junction details | REQA Concept Design Study Project | community social enterprise urban feasibility | Belfast


We blend aspiration with realism. REQA tirelessly work to achieve high-quality architecture with the realistic expectations set out in the brief or budget. A high standard for all collaborators is a given to ensure we all share the best results possible and positively contribute to our built environment.

Refurbished Sports Hall | REQA Architect Design | Community and Sports Building - Extension & Refurbishment | O Neills GFC Blackwatertown Armagh

Multi-sports hall refurbishment for O Neill's GFC in Blackwatertown, Co. Armagh.

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