01. Introductions

We will send you a pack of who we are and what we can do for you. Within this we will agree what the scope of our service is and how outline our cost for doing so.

02. Definition

A face to face meeting, where you talk and we listen. This allows us to fully understand your vision and aspirations. We note all this down and create a brief to guide the design process.

03. Analysis

We review a lot of different things. Your vision and requirements, the site or building, styles and typologies, the local context etc. 

04. Concept Design

The fun part. We use all the information to come up with concepts to realise the vision of the project.

05. Design Review

We like "Options" and want to show at least two solutions for your project. This informs you better of all the possibilities. We present all our thinking and agree together on a solution to move forward with.

06. Planning
Local Authority & REQA

With an agreed design, we are able to make a formal application to the local council to obtain Planning Permission for the design. 

Timescales on this process can vary depending on the project type.